Preparing for Spring with the Help of Asian Medicine, Part 1

Yasmin Spencer, LAc, DAOM

  Preparing for Spring with the Help of Asian Medicine

photo2[1]A Five Element View:

In preparing for spring it is important to begin with an understanding of how each season affects every other.  Our sense of balance, as we go into the spring, is intricately connected to whether or not we took the time to rest in the winter (restore, be still, and go inward).  Spring is associated with new growth and expansion–the time when the seeds begin to sprout and push upward to the sun with force.  Likewise, there may be escalated agitation in individuals as the springtime inspires the urge to move forward and grow after the encapsulation of winter.  New growth is dependent upon the rejuvenation of our deeper sources that occurred in the winter.  Spring is associated with the liver in Chinese Medicine and with the emotion anger.  The liver energy, when balanced, smooths our emotional energy.  The…

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