Acupuncture Related Research- Key Issues and Concerns

Yasmin Spencer, LAc, DAOM

Acupuncture Related Research- Key Issues and Concerns

In this scientific era tested results, proof that something is effective, is often valued over first hand experience.  Western research relies upon standardized protocol and isolating variables, so as to obtain reliable results.  This is a legitimate and understandable approach when desiring concrete and repeatable outcomes.  However, when utilizing this method to test the validity of acupuncture, this approach can create erroneous and misleading results.  One of the strengths of acupuncture lies in its ability to individualize treatments.  Asian medicine views the person as a whole and does not isolate symptoms when treating.  Since every person with a specific syndrome will have a different pattern diagnostic, it is inappropriate to give the same treatment.  Why? … because the internal cause of a disease is unique to the individual.  We aren’t all the same.

It gives misleading results when acupuncture related research standardizes treatments for…

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