Yasmin Spencer LAc, DAOM, Dipl. OM

yasminThroughout my life I have witnessed in myself a natural inclination toward body awareness, health and holistic medicine. Acupuncture made a strong impression on me as a young person due to its effectiveness in healing my chronic back pain. I remember a time in my early teens when I was waiting in a treatment room for an acupuncturist. On the wall of this room was a chart of all the acupuncture points on the human body. Looking at this chart, I felt a longing to know what each point was connected to, as well as how an acupuncturist utilized these points to promote health. Along with an attraction to this chart, I also felt intimidated by it. It was many years after this experience that my intimidation was transformed into a thirst to deeply comprehend how to utilize acupuncture and other Asian medicine tools and perspectives to facilitate health and well being for the individual.As well as having a natural inclination towards the healing arts, I’ve spent my entire life immersed in various forms of creativity. After high school I attended an art school and explored many mediums of expression, such as drawing, textiles, book making, sculpture, and more. It wasn’t until the years after attending art school that I met an herbalist who was studying Five Element Acupuncture. He introduced me to the model of plants as medicine, and the interconnection of nature and human nature. I found myself utterly fascinated. It was this state of captivation that eventually guided me back to my initial inclinations and I began my path of studying plant medicine. I attended the Northwest School of Botanical Studies where I completed a “Professional (Western) Herbalist Training.”In the years following I attended Five Branches University and received my Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and certification in Five Elements Acupuncture. I then passed the California acupuncture exam and the national exams for Oriental medicine and received certifications as a California licensed acupuncturist (LAc), and a Diplomate of Oriental medicine.  After many years of practicing I returned to Five Branches University and completed my doctorate degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM), with a specialty in women’s medicine and pain management.

My vision of the body has expanded exponentially through learning and practicing Asian medicine. I have gained great confidence in the individuals innate capacity to live in a state of wholeness in their body, mind, and emotions. Through my extensive training I am now able to utilize Asian medicine as a wonderful tool to help reestablish this natural state of balance. I continue to study and to deepen my knowledge of this medicine, so as to expand my knowledge and sharpen my ability to help people.


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